A Bit More …

A Bit More … …

In April 2007 Jaki was at home recovering from a major operation and waiting to hear if she had breast cancer. Whilst watching an episode of Oprah she had a life defining moment that changed her life forever. Jaki realized that she had been existing instead of living. In that moment she reclaimed control and response-ability for her life.

Now in her work and personal life she is 100% committed to using her knowledge, experience, energy and passion for helping individuals to live their lives in an uplifting, powerful and personal way.

Jaki has been studying, learning and experiencing life with the help of some of the masters in Personal Growth and Development. People like Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Brendon Burchard, Clinton Swaine, Christopher Howard, to name but a few.

She has now brought her wide ranging practical knowledge, expertise and life skills together to create a new and exclusive form of Coaching, Training, Mentoring and General supporting of individuals and groups from all walks of life.

It is only a few short years since Jaki suffered so badly with panic attacks, lack of confidence, self- esteem and courage. She was often paralyzed by fear and only left her home when it was absolutely necessary. If you had seen her on the street she would probably have been walking super fast in a mad dash to quickly return to the safety of her car.

Jaki was a single mother for a number of years, three children, three different fathers at a time when that was seriously frowned upon. Especially as she was a ‘good catholic’ girl, who had a ‘good catholic’ upbringing. In fact one day the nuns told her mother that she had two such wonderful daughters – Jaki was number three!

A Few Brief Details

  • Jaki was due to marry her eldest sons father – until he gave her the ultimatum have an abortion and the wedding will go ahead – don’t and it wont. She Didn’t.
  • When Jaki was expecting her daughter, her partner went to work one morning only for Jaki to discover, later that day, that he had gone to Paris for the weekend with ‘his girlfriend’.
  • Jaki did marry her youngest son’s father, however that turned out to be what could be described as emotionally abusive. It ended in a difficult divorce.

Go again to April 2007 after Jaki had her defining moment she asked herself three questions ~

  • Does the way we think create the way we feel?
  • Do our thoughts and interpretations of our past ‘dictate’ the way we live our lives today?
  • Can I change the past?

Her answer to all three was a resounding yes! And she meant yes to all three!

Jaki set out on a journey of discovery and empowerment. In the process she has literally spent thousands of hours and travelled thousands of miles:

  • Studying
  • Watching videos
  • Attending courses
  • Analyzing body language
  • Reading hundreds of books
  • Writing and running workshops
  • Talking to as many people as possible
  • Listening to hours and hours of audio programs
  • Trying out a multitude of different tasks, exercises
  • And having multiple ‘Light Bulb’ and ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments

That all started just before she was given the all clear for breast cancer.

During the process Jaki was ~

  • Diagnosed with fast progressing Osteoporosis (2008) and told that she could be in a wheelchair within 5 years. However under 12 months later she walked a 1/2 marathon in Denver and was part of a team that helped to raise $211,000 for the Make a Wish foundation. Jaki has no intention of ending up in a wheelchair!
  • In 2009 Jaki was diagnosed with skin cancer and told to be prepared for facial disfiguration. That didn’t happen, most people don’t even notice the scar that runs down her nose.

At no stage did Jaki give up. At every stage She remained positive and knew that each of those challenges was a learning opportunity that would enable her to help others. Jaki knew that

everything had a purpose and has vowed to ‘Pay it Forward’ and help as many as she can.

Jaki Says ~

“There is a wide held belief that you can’t change the Past’ — to a certain extent

I agree ~ yet I strongly disagree. Through my own personal journey and through

watching the journeys of both friends, clients and students l have witnessed incredible

results that have literally transformed lives — just by ‘Recycling’ thoughts, perceptions

and interpretations of past experiences.”

Jaki has the energy, motivation and drive to bring out the creative inspiration in anyone. She has a passion for positivity that is second to none. Her dream is to be the ‘water to your seed’, to help you nurture your dreams, to give you the gentle nudge to follow them, to be there when the going gets tough and to cheer you on. To encourage you to live your Best Life.

Jaki’s Mission Statement

Jaki is 100% Committed to using her Knowledge, Experience, Energy and Passion in helping others to stop ‘Existing’ and ‘Start Living’ their lives in an Uplifting, Personal, Powerful, and Fulfilling way.


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