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We make our Choices;Then our Choices “Make” us;Be careful of what you choose;Because it’s mostly our choices;And not just all ChancesThat determine our Destiny;No matter how difficult things are;Have Faith and Choose to see the Positive;Sometimes not because you feel like it;Because we’re all just Human, and it’s hard sometimes. But just because you CAN […]

Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month

Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month June was an amazing month here on The Blog – we had 30 Inspirational, Motivational Guests who stirred your senses and provided great content. Just in case you missed any of them I thought I would put together a quick summary of each post :) Day 1 – […]

And The River Flows….

And The River Flows….By Robin Eschler I have had the fortune to finally, after 30 years, figure out exactly what I want to accomplish with my life.  If you can relate to being a late bloomer or at least to not having followed a specific, well-defined path, then you may find some insights here.  If […]

The Power of Belief

The Power of BeliefBy Peter Field The much quoted phrase ‘you become what you think about’ is not new. Many people have come to realise the importance thought plays in the creation process. But what is less understood is the sneaky way in which your beliefs influence your thoughts! To help understand why beliefs are […]


Quetzalcoatl The Magical Realm is the home of all Our Magical Friends and there are lots of them. There are those we are already aware of such as the Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, The Elementals and Nymphs. These and so many more are mentioned in the myths, legends and folklore of every civilization and […]