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Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month

Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month June was an amazing month here on The Blog – we had 30 Inspirational, Motivational Guests who stirred your senses and provided great content. Just in case you missed any of them I thought I would put together a quick summary of each post :) Day 1 – […]

The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank You By Bruce Kidson The words ‘Thank You’ are said often enough, yet have you ever stopped to consider the Power of Thank You’? ‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the Blind can see ~ Mark Twain For most people ‘Thank you’ is a courtesy an expression […]

And The River Flows….

And The River Flows….By Robin Eschler I have had the fortune to finally, after 30 years, figure out exactly what I want to accomplish with my life.  If you can relate to being a late bloomer or at least to not having followed a specific, well-defined path, then you may find some insights here.  If […]

Cruise Control… for Life!

Cruise Control… for Life!By Kate Trafford Do you think you that you have to Drive Hard if you want to be happy and successful?  Years of conditioning from well-intentioned family members, friends, teachers, employers and the media may well have taught you this is so.  Even the powerfully-poetic words of the US Declaration of Independence […]