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Sharing My Dreams

Sharing My Dreams This last 2 weeks has been a time of tremendous growth – I have a dream, or should I say a few dreams, massive dreams ♥ The first you all know about, I am writing a book – The Emotional Baggage Diet. You may ask why? My reasons are these – to […]

Time and Organisation

Time and Organisation This last couple of weeks have not quite flowed as I had planned. I often try to be a perfectionist and that can lead to my downfall. Then there was the birth of My Granddaughter, Mia Rose – she is definitely a beautiful distraction! There just aren’t enough hours in the day […]

New Beginnings

This last two weeks have been ones that have thrown up all sorts of ‘Hic-ups’ and challenges. From my website going down to my daughter being in and out of hospital with high blood pressure in the run up to her giving birth. There were days when I did not get close to the computer, […]

A New Language

Do you have the same problem? Transformation and awareness of the spiritual – life altering – eye opening – jaw dropping – inspiring – ………… requires a new language to be able to discuss it in a way that does ‘justice’ to the changes and realisations that it brings about. If I am in the […]

I Believe … …

This is a re-post of a blog that I posted on back in February 2009. Today someone on made me cry! Cry because they said something nice to me! They made me think. The strange thing was that not long before I read what they wrote I had been talking to them on the phone […]

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