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Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month

Summary of An Amazing Guest Blogger Month June was an amazing month here on The Blog – we had 30 Inspirational, Motivational Guests who stirred your senses and provided great content. Just in case you missed any of them I thought I would put together a quick summary of each post :) Day 1 – […]

And The River Flows….

And The River Flows….By Robin Eschler I have had the fortune to finally, after 30 years, figure out exactly what I want to accomplish with my life.  If you can relate to being a late bloomer or at least to not having followed a specific, well-defined path, then you may find some insights here.  If […]

Cruise Control… for Life!

Cruise Control… for Life!By Kate Trafford Do you think you that you have to Drive Hard if you want to be happy and successful?  Years of conditioning from well-intentioned family members, friends, teachers, employers and the media may well have taught you this is so.  Even the powerfully-poetic words of the US Declaration of Independence […]

The Power of Belief

The Power of BeliefBy Peter Field The much quoted phrase ‘you become what you think about’ is not new. Many people have come to realise the importance thought plays in the creation process. But what is less understood is the sneaky way in which your beliefs influence your thoughts! To help understand why beliefs are […]

Make Discipline A Habit

Make Discipline A Habit By John Spender How good does it feel to get everything done on a to-do list? It feels like you have accomplished accomplished something good weather you’re at work or at home. You’re getting stuff done & you’re making progress. The question is, how important are the things on the to-do list. […]


FearBy Nancy Shields Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.”  Wow, what a statement of courage.  I frequently say that fear is the opposite of courage; in fact, […]

It’s Your Right to Be Wrong… In Relationships

It’s Your Right to Be Wrong… In RelationshipsBy The Coach with The Hat (AKA – Elliot Kay) Do you remember there were kids who, no matter what they did, were always cool? And then no matter what other kids did they were unpopular? And then you had the in-betweeners – maybe you were one of […]

Time is Not a Four Letter Word

Time is Not a Four Letter WordBy Rena M. Reese She is that certain someone you work with who seems capable of doing it all. She is already at her desk when you arrive for the day and is busily working as you say “good night.” She has a reputation for being the company superhero […]

You Will Tell Them Yes!

You Will Tell Them Yes!By Lynne Sherman, Ph.D. Corporate advertising is expensive, and who really knows whether the billions of dollars spent each year on flashy images, celebrity endorsements, and promises of nirvana make any difference at all.  I suspect that the majority of these messages go unnoticed, blending in with the daily barrage of […]


19 WAYS TO APPROACH YOUR LIFE By Gareth Stubbs and Jeroen Coenen ~ Ego Invenio Imagine if, when we were born, we were given this awesome manual that contained instructions, to-do lists, options, insights into what we would go through and do as we got older and all that kind of stuff. Some people will sit […]