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We make our Choices;
Then our Choices "Make" us;
Be careful of what you choose;
Because it's mostly our choices;
And not just all Chances
That determine our Destiny;
No matter how difficult things are;
Have Faith and Choose to see the Positive;
Sometimes not because you feel like it;
Because we're all just Human, and it's hard sometimes.

But just because you CAN !
You Can do anything you want to. You Can!
You have the whole World Inside of you.
You are Pure, Positive, Powerful Light.
The Light of Love.
As you welcome the New, Fresh, Beautiful, Glorious Day.


Choose for your Self.
Choose to take out the time to Just be yourself.
Go get attuned to your inner self, your Heart and your Instincts.
Choose to Love Unconditionally.
Choose to be Happy.
Choose To" Let Go" of the Past.
All The worries, the despair, the pain.
Choose and Just let go.

Choose Light;
The Lightness of Being;
And the Light of Love.
All soon the Thunderclouds will Part;
The Sunshine will Find you.
And Life will show you;
Blissful Miracles in the Making.

~ Kiran

Sharing some of my favourite finds from Facebook - Unfortunately I lost the link to the page that I found this on, my apologies :)

In Gratitude


Jaki :)

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