Client Feedback

Feedback from Clients and Associates who Jaki has worked with:

“Jaki is able to perceptively get to the heart of the matter. Her observations and insights are incisive and crisp, and she has the personality and presence to make people feel comfortable, creating the trust that is crucial to effective work. Jaki has great gifts!”

Lorie Marrero, home organization expert, author of The Clutter Diet and creator of

Great to kick start me into achieving my next step. (Andy E - UK)

I thought the course was amazing - it opened up lots of doorways to me. I learnt things I would never have realized - my confidence is building. Jaki was excellent and the material she produced was fantastic and very enlightening, presentation brilliant. (Jan L - UK)

I had a bit of fun as well as opening my mind to the possibility of changing my thought patterns a reality. (Sam D - UK)

Jaki has a very positive teaching style. Use of personal stories and experience help illustrate points and shows understanding of the situations and experiences. (C.C. - UK)

Really struggling to see what to suggest to improve what has been a thoroughly refreshing, positive, informative and therapeutic experience. Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm. I have found real inspiration to improve so many areas of my life directly through attending these 3 sessions - truly Life changing. (Justin T - UK)

Not what I expected but not sure what that was anyway? Felt very comfortable after a while. Helped me think about myself and what I wanted, which I know will make me a happier person, felt more confident after the first morning session. Treated as an individual even though in a group felt respected. I hope I continue to feel more positive- Would recommend this course - empowering. (Teresa S - UK)

WOW!! Absolutely amazing - Thank you so much Jaki. I have learned so much and will now definitely apply my knowledge as to improving my mind and achieving my goals and will be happy to tell others. (Louisa H - UK)

I found it very interesting and helpful. 1st day I left feeling very good and positive about myself. I will use the things I've learnt over the 2 days to help me. I must admit I was a bit cynical before I came - but I am glad I did and remember what I have learnt. Jaki was brilliant. (Jill W - UK)

Left me feeling that anything is possible. (Marcus C- UK)