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Emotional Baggage ~ What is It? and Why am I Writing a Book About It?

My answer is this –

One day a few years ago I realised that I wasn’t really living my life, (Actually that is not quite true – I have known for years! It just took me a long time to acknowledge the truth of it) I felt as though I was just existing and in all honesty it wasn’t a very happy existence. I realised that I lived in fear, doubt, worry, what ifs, if onlys, not agains and much, much more. All of it was drama and stress and all of it was based on the way I thought about anything and everything that had ever happened in my life.

The key word in all of that was ‘I’ – all of those thoughts were mine, all of that perception was mine. If that was the case then it meant that ‘I’ could change it. I started to read books by the dozen, attend workshops and training, watch DVDs and listen to audio programs.

I discovered that each individual has a unique perception and interpretation of life – just as unique as our fingerprints; no two people have the same. At times this perception and interpretation can stop us from flourishing – yet by taking a few simple actions – this can change!

Nobel Prize winning author, Toni Morrison, once said ‘If there is a book that you want to read and it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it!’ – So I am and this is the start of the journey.

I invite you to join me and follow the Evolution and Birth of The Emotional Baggage Diet.

Love and Light ~ Gratitude and Faith

Jaki :)


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