A Gift From Me To You

Recently I heard one of my mentors interviewing one of her mentors and  it inspired me to create and share with you a tool that I use in my life.

A tool  that motivates, maximises focus and generally creates the feel good factor.

The Gratitude and Achievement Journal is simple to use with massive benefits.

To recieve your Gift all you need to do is click on the link or picture below.

Gratitude & Achievement Journal

Gratitude & Achievement Journal

Each page is separated into two sections ~

Today I have Achieved … and Today I am Grateful For …

All you ‘have’ to do is fill in the blanks.

When I first started keeping a Gratitude Journal, a few years+ ago, I struggled with what to write. I was one of those people who focused on what wasn’t right, fair, going well, etc, etc. I could only see what I didn’t have – not what I did. The Process of physically writing down what I was grateful for shifted my focus and opened up a new way of living – It is powerful – It is Life Changing and it works! The same is true for keeping a record of what you achieve. It has a knock on effect of motivating you to achieve more!

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends, family, colleagues and remind them if they want to recieve more gifts to just sign up in one of the opt-in forms on my website.

In Gratitude and Wishing You a Wonderful Day

Jaki :)

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