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Guest Interview With Asia Voight

Recently I was lucky enough to be given a preview copy of the multi author book ~ “Pearls of Wisdom:  30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now,” with Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Chris and Janet Atwood … … And the wonderful  Asia Voight.

Even though Asia and I have never met in person we have been friends for quite a while through our love of writing, our passion for the positive and of course ‘facebook’! Many emails have gone back and forth! So I was delighted when I heard that Asia was one of the 30 contributors featured in  ~ Pearls of Wisdom and I asked if I could interview her – she said yes! Without further ado – (just imagine for a moment that I have a huge smile on my face and a megaphone!) Please let me welcome to our stage for today ~ Asia Voight!

Asia is an internationally known Intuitive Guide, Animal Communicator, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to help resolve emotional and behavioral issues and assists them in deepening their bond with their human companions. She also helps people to reconnect with their own intuition, healing ability, potential and life’s purpose. Throughout a fifteen-year practice, Asia has assisted over 60,000 animal and human clients. In her Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Workshops, Asia generously shares her skills by guiding course participants to connect with their own intuition, allowing them to uniquely opening up to total brilliance in their lives. Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox TV as well as countless radio interviews like the Rick Lamb Show and Hay House Radio. Asia is published in three books, including, Extraordinary YOU, The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life and now Pearls of Wisdom, 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. Watch for Asia on the big screen, as her powerful story of fire and transformation will be highlighted in a full-length movie, entitled Face2Face.

 1.      How did you get into this collection of inspiration with folks like Jack Canfield?

I met Randy Davila, CEO of Hampton Roads Publishing at a one day Chicago workshop he was leading about book publishing. At the end of the class he mentioned a new compilation book that he was creating and that he would send out an invite to us to submit a chapter for possible inclusion. I received the invitation and immediately wrote a chapter. Six weeks after sending it in, I received notice that I was accepted!

2.      What is your chapter about?

My chapter is called: Trust Your Body’s Intuition
I share how even against diagnosis from top medical experts, with the help of my Intuitive Guides, I healed my paralyzed legs and only 3 weeks later walked out of the hospital.

3.      What do you think makes this book unique and who would want to read it?

Pearls of Wisdom, is for the new breed of humans on the transformational path. They desire tips, insights, and inspiration for moving out of the confined limits of their minds and belief systems. This book is like an awakening spiritual retreat with 30 amazing speakers but packed neatly into an easy to read and carry with you bundle.

4.       What kind of wisdom do you have to offer the reader?

Follow your soul’s path: your life or your ability to walk could depend on it. Don’t believe, even an “expert” if it’s not right for you. I give the readers hope that it is possible for anyone to be able to find and connect with their Intuitive Guides or the Universal Wisdom, there by leading them on their true path even in the face of a crisis.

5.      The publisher promises that the authors such as yourself are “up and coming” leaders in self-help.  How does the publisher know this and what is your expertise in “self-help”?

I’ve started “self-helping” myself first! I broke free from a confined and fearful Christian upbringing, a homophobic abandoning family, and healed myself from being paralyzed after a life-threatening burn from a car accident. I have then assisted over 60,000 animals and people in “Living their best lives” by clearing blocks to their greatness and giving them love, listening and support when no one else would.

I shared this in the class I was in with Randy, and clearly it made an imprint on him being that he wanted me to share my inspiration with others.

6.      Most people know about Jack Canfield from the Chicken Soup books and Marci Shimoff from her Happy book … How would you like your readers to think of you?  What is your “signature niche”?

I would like others to think about me by saying, “She endured the huge loss of her family, her changed body and yet, her light shines brighter than ever. She was not defeated, but grew stronger. I can do that, too.”

I’m looking for the niche of readers that are ready to take the “defeats”  and “challenges” of their lives and turn them into powerful activating blessings. And if they feel alone, how to connect with their spiritual family and walk through life feeling un-ending support.

7.      We often hear that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – how does that proverb apply to the 30 authors in this book?

The experience and name recognition of the top authors allows those new to publishing to move with their power in their world. It is a great opportunity for these center authors to carry along lesser know and yet just as powerful authors. We in turn will share with our followers their experience and wisdom, there by lifting us all up.

8.      What is your most central and compelling “pearl of wisdom”?

Death, paralysis, fire, and abandonment “losses” that most people are sure will destroy you, can truly be “harvested” into pearls and allow you live your best life!

How To Connect with Asia

Her website is ~

Asia also has her own radio show – you can click here to find out more –

Our interview  is over – however I hope that this is just the beginning of your journey with Asia. Through her story and her personal journey she truly does share Pearls of Wisdom that can and will have a ripple effect through your life.

In Gratitude and Wishing you a wonderful day ~

Jaki :)

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