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Do You Live in an Invented Reality?

Wow - I heard that question today and it really got me thinking.

I know that I live in My own reality

I know that My reality is not Your reality

And Your reality is not Mine

Now those are just a few partial sentences, just a few words ~ and yet their meaning is truly deep. I knew this before - yet for some reason today it feels different.

If we look back in history, it was once believed that the world was flat. That if you sailed far enough you may sail off the edge! That was a reality of that era - until it was discovered that the world is round and there is no fear of falling off!

Just one example, yet there are many, many more.

Everything that we believe in our life is Real until we get that extra piece of information, have a new experience, that gives us a new reality, a new interpretation a new perception, a new belief. And then in that moment our reality Changes.

As I sit here contemplating this, really thinking deeply, allowing it to absorb into my body at a cellular level. I feel a peace - because each of us can only know what we know, believe what we believe, until we become aware that there may be another interpretation, another truth, another possibility ... ...

With that fact, that truth, it is possible to start letting go of judgement, letting go of fear, letting go of ... ... Anything that doesn't serve us in the moment.

What I mean by that is ~

How much of your time do you 'give away' to thoughts of things that don't make you happy?

I know that I used to spend so much of my life living in the land of opinions, what if ..., worrying about what 'I thought others might think of me'! and so much more ...

Often I truly lived in those thoughts and feelings, they effected and affected who I was, how I reacted - in fact every aspect of my life - and then, a moment later (or maybe even a week, a month, a year, ten years ... later) I would discover one tiny piece of information that changed it all ~ for the better.

I often ask myself these questions when I am in a situation that is causing me angst ~

  • Will I remember this tomorrow, next week, next year ... ?
  • Is this important in the great scheme of life?
  • Do I know all of the facts?
  • Is this really anything to do with me?
  • Can I do anything to change it and if I can ~ Will I?

Next time something or someone in your life catches you in its 'grips', in a way that does not serve you. Remember that there may be a key piece of information that you are missing. That when you discover it, the feelings that you are experiencing now may no longer be 'valid'. That you may look back on this moment and smile at the power of the learning you have just had from it. You may be grateful.

The inner knowledge that in the future any negative, frustrating, challenging feelings that we may experience will, in all probability, be released by one extra piece of realisation, one extra piece of knowledge - thus meaning that we may as well start letting go of their hold NOW.

The power of that is enormous.

Imagine if we still all believed that the world was flat ~ how different would out lives be?

Wishing you a wonderful day

Remember ~

Let Go ~ Live Free ~ Love Life

In Gratitude

Jaki :)

Todays Art/Pictures are by an amazing Artist called Vladimir Kush. I first came across his work when I was in Las Vegas ~ I fell in love immediately!

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