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To Judge or Not To Judge

How often do you find yourself judging others or having a ‘very strong opinion’ about something or someone?

I remember a few years ago, when attending a training session, I was shown an enlightening exercise based on the numbers 9 & 6.

Those two numbers became life changing, because they changed how I thought, they changed how I ‘judged’, they changed how I perceived my interpretation of life and those around me.

Imagine that you are sitting at a table, directly across from another person and on that table is a piece of paper with the number ‘6’ written on it.
Now imagine a conversation between the two of you where you have to talk to the other person about the number ‘6’.

The conversation starts well, you are talking about the number ‘6’ and then the other person says it is a ‘9’. Now you know that it is a ‘6’ – you can see it – it is there – right in front of your eyes, there is no doubt about it. From the angle that you are looking at it – it is a ‘6’ – you know you are right and you are right – unless you walk round the table and look at it from the other persons ‘point of viewing’. Then it becomes a ‘9’.

The exercise was taken even further – it was time to look at the ‘number’ on the paper and see what else it could be. The instructions were to be creative, to open our minds, to have fun. Suggestions came slowly at first – a snail, a wheel barrow, a monocle, a bubble blower. Then the pace picked up as minds opened to all of the possibilities. Half a pair of glasses, no half a pair of scissors, a rain drop …. within minutes it became fun to stretch our minds and think of new interpretations. If someone couldn’t see the glasses or bubble blower … then the person who could would explain until there was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. The possibilities were endless.

The trainer then skilfully manoeuvred the conversation round to opinions and judgement. How easy it is for each of us to spend or waste time and energy on issues that we thought we knew – yet actually we only had our own perspective when there were always more. Just think of a coin – it has heads and tails and even a rim, yet it is still the same coin – it doesn’t stop being a coin depending on whether you can see one side or the other – it’s value is still the same.

I know for me that in that moment – because the way I thought changed – my life started to change for the better. I started to learn to listen more and judge less. I became more open to new views. I became less ‘stressed’. Life became a little brighter and lighter.


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