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Interview with Kimberly Coots ~ Author of Divine Worth

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 12 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Kimberly Coots whose book DIVINE WORTH – Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire! launches on Amazon on Tuesday May 24, 2011.

Author Kimberly Ann Coots is a transformational life coach, business development coach and speaker. Her passion is to help shift humanity’s consciousness from fear, lack and separation, to love, connection and abundance. Through her coaching, courses, speaking and books, Kimberly is a guide to transforming unworthiness conditioning, stepping into your power and living a life you love. She is certified in many holistic and spiritual modalities. She has been ordained as a Spiritual Peace Minister by James Twyman, is a certified Reconnection Healer by Dr. Eric Pearl and is a Facilitator for the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. As a successful business development specialist, Kimberly also helps entrepreneurs make a profit and a difference.

Yesterday, Kimberly visited Lynn Serafinn at where via Lynn’s recent BlogtalkRadio show Kimberly talked about her book Divine Worth and her personal journey overcoming depression and family history of addiction.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Kimberly when I got to ask her some questions on most common ways unworthiness shows up, is ego connected, addictions and self-worth replacing unworthiness.    I hope you enjoy it.


Jaki: What would you say were the most common ways that unworthiness can show up in people’s lives?

Kimberly Coots: Some of the most common ways are:

•            Trying to live up to the expectations of others, even if it doesn’t make you happy

•            People-pleasing to gain love and acceptance

•            Addiction

•            Self-limiting beliefs and patterns

•            Being critical of yourself and/or others (and being a perfectionist)

•            Distracting yourself from admitting you’re really not happy (addiction plays into this too)

Jaki: Is the ego connected to the feeling of unworthiness?

Kimberly Coots: Absolutely – the ego seeks love and acceptance outside of the self and this causes a belief that we have to prove our worth.  In an effort to prove your worth, the ego engages in many of the things I’ve listed above.  The ego also drives us to believe that we have to “get and have” stuff to be worthy – whether it be wealth, relationships or looks.

The truth is, your worth is not based on getting or having anything.  Your worth is divine and unconditional, and it already exists within you – just waiting to be discovered, claimed and celebrated.

Jaki: Addiction – is that just connected to the pre-conceived areas of addiction – eg, drink, drugs, sex – or do you think there are other hidden forms of addiction that can get overlooked? eg – television, arguing, need for attention etc

Kimberly Coots: Addiction is a mask of unworthiness in all forms.  Addiction is a compulsion to have something outside of yourself in an attempt to feel complete or to avoid feeling an emptiness inside.  Addiction is a great distraction mechanism to avoid facing your feelings, or your fears to make changes.

Personally, I previously engaged in the addiction of alcohol and cigarettes to escape the pressure.  I worked hard to have the corporate job, nice house, and material wealth because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do to be worthy, and I got a lot of praise from people for “being so successful”.  Yet, I wasn’t really happy inside because I wasn’t following my heart’s desire of having my own business doing coaching and counselling – and I was afraid to let go of the security of the fake happiness.  So addiction helped me numb myself out of admitting that inner conflict but I learned that it never went away.

I let go of my addiction and faced those feelings and those fears, and I made the changes.  Now I live a life that I love!

Jaki: How can lives change when self-worth replaces unworthiness?

Kimberly Coots: You allow yourself to live a life that you love!  You share your giftswith more people and in bigger ways (which creates true joy and fulfilment).  You open up and connect with the flow of abundance to give and receive in balance.  You express yourself authentically and enjoy healthier, happier relationships.  And you feel connected with yourself and with life!



I hope you enjoyed this interview with Kimberly Coots and that you’ll check out her book DIVINE WORTH – Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire! at



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