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Life’s Tapestry

As I Look Back at the Tapestry of My Life I Can See from the Perspective of the Present Moment that Every Aspect of My Life Was Necessary and Perfect. Each Step Led Me to a Higher Place, Even though these Steps Often Felt Like Obstacles or Painful Experiences."

I read the above sentence in a book by Dr Wayne Dyer ~ Real Magic. It is one of the truest things I have ever read.

My life has had more ups and downs than any episode of a soap opera - in fact while I was in my early twenties my mother used to say to me that my life was more exciting than Dynasty or Dallas (without the shoulder pads though).

During the last few years I began to realise and accept that every single thing in my life had been essential, every single experience had led me to becoming who I am today and that there was a great strength in being grateful for each and every occurrence. Yes there were lessons to be learnt and some of the most empowering lessons came from finding a positive in the memories of the moments that were not so pleasant.

Nearly ten years ago I created a timeline of my life. I was trying to unravel 'where I had gone wrong'!! Initially I was focusing on the life lessons that had hurt the most. It was easier to 'step' back into those memories, they were the most vivid. My mind set was focused on 'poor me', 'why me', 'what did I do to deserve that' or 'It wasn't my fault'. After a while I put the time line away. I couldn't see the benefit of it.

Fast forward a few years and I came across that same time line. This time I looked at it with a new perspective. I started to ask myself what had come from each of those times in my life, what had they led me to, that I may not have experienced otherwise. I started finding beautiful positives, links from the past that if they had not happened then I would probably not be who I am now, doing what I do now, having the friends I have now and so much more.

I began to experience the truth of that statement by Dr Dyer. And that truth stared to set me free in a way that I had never imagined was possible.

I truly could write and write on this subject - it is an absolute passion of mine. I remember someone saying to me - Jaki one day you will truly walk in your own shoes, you will be comfortable in your own skin. I had no idea what they meant ~ Until I accepted that everything happens for a reason, everything is an ingredient in our lives tapestry and that all of the colours and textures are necessary to create a whole picture :)

In Gratitude and Wishing you a Wonderful Day

Jaki :)