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Mistaken Identity

Do You Live Your Life With A Mistaken Identity

I recently had the privilege of listening to Neale Donald Walsh speak, he left me with some pretty deep things to think about ~

Who Am I

Where Am I

Why Am I Where I Am

What Do I Intend To Do About That

From his point of view, most people seem go their entire lives without asking themselves these questions - let alone answering them. These few words generated a desire for me to know even more about who I am, what is my real identity, what thoughts are mine and what thoughts are those that I just believe to be mine - yet really they are a habitual way of thinking that I 'picked up' from those around me. Would I really recognise myself - The real me?

Then he asked some more questions ~

How is it possible for the 6.9Billion people in this world all claim to want the same thing and be unable to get it?

Is it possible that there is something that we don't fully understand here?

Is it possible that there is something that I don't know about my life?

Sometimes the questions that others ask open doors to understanding ourselves and our lives in a deeper more profound way. These questions stirred inside me a thirst to have a greater understanding, to have more of a feeling of flow in my life.

So I thought that I would share those questions here. I hope that they give you the gift of accessing a part of you that helps you to get more from your life and in the process give more to others - by way of your example to them.

In Gratitude

Jaki :)