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New Beginnings – Thought for the Day

Change really can happen in any moment of any day?


Have you ever thought ~

  • I’ll start tomorrow …
  • I’ll start on Monday …
  • It’s Nearly the end of the month so I’ll start on the 1st …
  • It’s only three months until the New Year – I’ll start then …

Yet change can start in any second of any day – all you have to do is decide and then take action.

I used to make decisions all of the time – what I didn’t do however was take action!

Imaging that you are a film director –

All of the actors are ready, the set is ready, you have a great script, the cameramen or women are ready – yet you just stand there day dreaming about the film, you can see the end product in your minds eye, you love it, it makes you smile, you can hear the applause and yet you never say the word ‘Action’!  The film is never made, the audiences never experience your talent – the moment is lost.

However New Beginning are possible in any moment, you don’t have to wait – you are the script writer of all of the scenes in your life …..

So what character are you playing?

In Gratitude and wishing you a wonderful day

 Jaki :)

~ Let Go ~ Live Free ~ Love Life ~

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