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The 20 things that Life Taught Me the Hard Way

By Dr Roy Martina

  1. The spiritual meaning of life is to learn how to have fun while discovering what we came to learn. The lighter you become and the less serious you take life the more you are spiritual.
  2. Step 1 in Effortlessness is to work hard to make life effortless until you understand that hard work does not work to become effortless.
  3. The last step to master effortlessness is to refuse to engage in any struggle, emotional pain, hard work, stress and only surrender to Divine Guidance and trust all will be Ok.
  4. There is no goal in life; the purpose of life is that you will not get out of life alive. You have to accept that the only way out of it is by dying and that is the only certain destiny you have. Until you make peace with that you are pressed for time. Accepting this fact help you to focus on the time you have left and enjoy it to the fullest.
  5. The goal of living is to live your life without allowing life to take your power away, to stay focused on the great things of life and never allow the challenges to bring you down.
  6. If you stay true to yourself every experience reflects your integrity, compassion and love.
  7. From the light the shadow is produced until you become one with the light. In the light is the only place where there is no shadow.
  8. Surrendering is only possible if you have something to let go. So if you hold on to something you cannot surrender to your power. Power is the art to let go of all that you think you need or want, and then you will manifest all that you ever dreamed of.
  9. You are pure love and you cannot love anyone, you can only express who you are and that is what you do when you say to someone that you love them. That person reminds you of who you are.
  10. We are immortal spiritual beings playing a mortal game called being human. Some people are such good actors that they truly believe that they are humans.
  11. Your thoughts only reflect how many opinions you have picked up from others. To create original thoughts require real thinking and that is what not many people can do.
  12. Once you know that your thoughts are mainly not yours you can decide what you really want to think and start creating new original thoughts.
  13. Always listen to your thoughts knowing that most are not yours, just echoes from your past. Change what you don’t like in positive affirmations and tell yourself how wonderful you are.
  14. Humour is to really understand that life is a big game that we can play in the way that we like the best and that is not to take yourself seriously.
  15. Be the change that you seek, make the first step towards your goals and become unstoppable until you reach that goal. Be fixed on the goal and flexible on the path towards it.
  16. Stop striving to be perfect, that is a futile quest, just love and accept yourself the way you are and happiness will be yours.
  17. Believe in yourself especially when you make mistakes, just know that all successful people have made many mistakes to get there, without mistakes you would not have experience and what is life without experience?
  18. Every challenge is an invitation for growth, the bigger the challenge the more power you will find inside to face it, so welcome your challenges, they are your teachers.
  19. Remind yourself that nothing is personal, people are programmed to project their emotional wounds and triggers upon others and blame them for what is not solved in themselves. Everybody does it.
  20. Stop trying to keep everybody happy, that is sacrificing internal harmony for a fake external harmony. Your job is to keep yourself happy and vital, so you can support others from power not from weakness.

Dr Roy Martina’s Mini Bio:

Roy Martina is a holistic medical doctor with over 30 years’ experience helping people tap into their true selves and “cure the incurable” by understanding the connection between emotional balance and dis-ease. He is the author of over 40 books in Dutch and other languages. His bestselling book Emotional Balance: the path to inner peace and harmony has just been translated into English, and published by Hay House Publishers.

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How Roy Knows Jaki:

Jaki and I met in London last September at the Hay House Movers & Shakers workshop. She then joined my book launch campaign on Amazon US/UK/Canada last March as a joint venture partner. Jaki’s support and great professionalism were fundamental to reach #1 on Amazon rankings. I am very grateful to have crossed roads with Jaki and her work, she is a truly mover and shaker.

A Message from Jaki ~ Thank you

Life’s Path can take us in many different directions. I truly believe that once we let go of Emotional Baggage and Embrace Emotional Balance the quality of  life gets better and better every day. Doors open, opportunities abound, new friends are made, the sun shines and life flows :))

Simple Positive Steps You Can Take Now ~

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