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Thought for the Day – Your Destination


I know that for so many years I did not think about my daily destination, let alone a weekly, monthly or even yearly one. I thought about how I didn’t want to feel, be etc. I though about the results that I didn’t like or want. That part was so easy – it became a habit.

Life can be so very different” ~ I remember hearing sentences like that so often and thinking ‘How’ and ‘It’s easy for you to say!!’

Change is Possible

Just for one day think about how you would like to feel, start with simple steps and if you are struggling with negative thoughts creeping in then practice the mini ANTs ~ v ~ CATs mini meditation (if you haven’t read it yet then click here – it won the Brian Tracy Guest Blogger Competition)

Have an amazing day – Keep coming back for more “Thoughts for The Day”

In Gratitude

Jaki :)

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