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The Power of Thank You

By Bruce Kidson

The words ‘Thank You’ are said often enough, yet have you ever stopped to consider the Power of Thank You’?

‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the Blind can see ~ Mark Twain

For most people ‘Thank you’ is a courtesy an expression of gratitude for services rendered or work done, or payment received. And because of it’s commonality of use maybe something we don’t think about.

By saying ‘Thank you’ we are giving recognition. Recognition is a basic human need. ‘Babies cry for it and men die for recognition’

So when do we say Thank You?

I have found that ‘Thank You can be said when you make a new friend. On Facebook I’m getting into the habit of saying thank you and giving a gift, a link of an inspirational video. We make friends on and off line to engage with that person. By saying ‘Thank You’ I’m recognising the gift of friendship and by the giving of a gift I’m placing value on that gift. The gift might not have cost me anything in monetary value, but it’s taken time to find and to put the link. And if I’ve chosen right will be a major benefit to the beneficiary. In the business world it might when you get a new client or customer. Or when you get some new work.

A great time to give ‘Thank You’ is when you get a referral, a card is a great gift. In my first network marketing business a mentor said to me “The guys who give the most cards climb the highest.” The reason - appreciation and recognition.

‘Appreciation does to people the same as hot air to a balloon’ – Richard Wilkins

Thank you is also used to deepen a friendship or sometimes to heal a bond as Laura Trice says in this great video.

Thank you’ Can be said on thousands of occasions try to list how many, would love to know the answer put it on my facebook page

Whenever saying ‘Thank you’ mean it. Gratitude has to be sincere. So stop, look the person in the eyes and say words of appreciation. To a Taxi driver it might be ‘Than you for getting me to my destination safely, it’s appreciated.’ To a waitress ‘Thank you for your attentive service’ if it has been.

Silent Gratitude isn’t much use to anyone – G.B. Stern

It’s been a real pleasure been a guest blogger here at Jaki’s Blog I love making new friends and Jaki is special . So Thank You Jaki, it’s been an honour.

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A Message from Jaki ~ Thank you Bruce

The Power that is held in those three words is phenomenal. Those three words, when said with true meaning and intent behind them can change a persons day or even life - and no I am not being dramatic when I say that! The lack of them can do the same.
Imagine, for just a moment, two friends chatting together, one needs support, the other is listening, asking valid questions and giving unbiased feedback in a positive and up-lifting way. The weight that was on the friends shoulders is lifted by a level of clarity gained from a caring conversation.

Now two scenarios -

The first - No "Thank you" was said, no appreciation was shown. The friend who took the time to be there was actually at a cross roads in their life as well. They were considering going into a new career of coaching, counselling, that type of thing. In that moment the lack of the words "Thank You" generated a moment of self-doubt. which in turn had ripple effects on the next actions taken or not taken.

The Second - Not only did the friend say "Thank You", they sent a card as well. They showed appreciation. Their actions had the effect of giving more clarity and confidence to the friend who was considering the career change. Positive actions were taken, a new life was formed and hundreds of other people gained in the process as well.

What an amazing month this has been - 30 incredible Guest Blogs and Bloggers. 30 People who took time out of their day to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise - To Each of you ...

Simple Positive Steps You Can Take Now ~

  • Remember and Practice the Power of Thank You
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In Gratitude

Jaki :)​

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