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Interview with Tina M Games ~ Author of ~ Journalling by the Moonlight

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 15 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Tina M Games whose book Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery (and its accompanying deck of 54 journaling prompt cards) is celebrating its 1st birthday on Amazon on Tuesday May 3, 2011.

Author Tina is certified creativity and life purpose coach. She calls herself the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Through her signature coaching programs, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness to light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion and creative expression.

Yesterday, Tina visited Andrew Mondia at, where she answered on inspiration by connecting moon with journaling, personal growth and the intention for readers.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Tina when I got to ask her some questions on impact of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, connection between moon and personal transformation, 3 tips to finding ourselves and unveiling your inner truth through journaling. I hope you enjoy it.


Tina : Thank you, Jaki, for your interest in my book, Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery and its accompanying deck of 54 journaling prompt cards.

I believe that mothers are a significant part of the “ripple effect” – that will transform the world into a more loving, more nurturing place. Imagine for a moment a “pebble thrown into a pond.” It creates a ripple that goes on and on and on.

When a mother is living life with complete authenticity, she’s subconsciously giving permission for her kids to do the same. She’s truly at her best – creating powerful change for her family, her community, and for the world at large. It’s all part of “the ripple.”

It’s my belief that “a happy mother makes the best mother” – and our kids really do want to see their moms happy!

Jaki : Tina – You have started the book, quite literally, with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt ~ “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” I know for me that quotes can quite literally, when found at the right time, start the journey of change and discovery – How did this one quote impact your personal journey of transformation?

Tina : I’m a lover of quotes, too – and like you, I always seem to find the right one at the right time. This particular quote by Eleanor Roosevelt really spoke to me about connecting with life, living it fully and completely, and embracing each life experience with everything we have.

We all have ups and downs in our lives, but the key is to appreciate every moment and to learn from it. There’s always a silver lining wrapped up in everything, a gift that can be carried forward as we continue our life’s journey. I’m a big believer that each and every one of us are living OUR life story – in whatever way that story needs to play out. And for many of us, this story involves lessons.

In order to learn OUR lessons, we must journey through the challenges. This is where we grow – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
For me, I chose to embrace a difficult time in my life, trying to understand the meaning of it and what it was I was supposed to gain. And what I realized was – things really do happen for a reason. We may experience something in a particular way – good or bad. We may meet certain people in our lives who teach us lessons. We may travel to a certain place that offers us clues about our next steps or answers a question that we’ve been pondering for quite some time. These are called synchronicities and they’re happening all the time. It’s when we pay attention that we are led to our authentic purpose.

Many of us go through life never knowing that things are happening for a reason until we reach a place of questioning, “What does this all mean – and why am I here?”

Self-discovery is all about being open to receiving and trusting that the answers are there if we are ready for them. Once we begin to connect with the answers; everything begins to make sense. Our lives unfold exactly as they should – all in divine timing.

Jaki : I am really intrigued by the connection between the phases of the moon and the effects they can have on personal transformation – can you enlighten us?

Tina : My work with the moon phases came out of my own experience of connecting with the moon during a really dark period in my life. Shortly after the birth of my first child, and after making some fairly significant life changes at the same time, I fell into depression – a place that felt so foreign to me, a place where I felt like I had fallen into a black hole with no way out. It was during this time, a period that spanned over two years that I had disconnected from everything that made me happy. My son suffered from chronic illnesses related to serious colds and severe ear infections so I made a very difficult choice to give up a successful career in order to care for him full-time. I hadn’t realized until this experience how much of my identity was tied into my career. Without it, I felt very lost and very unhappy.

It was during this time that I fell back on a great passion of mine – journal writing. And as a mom of a baby who did not have a normal sleep schedule, I found myself exhausted and emotional much of the time. So night after night, after I’d get my son settled and after my husband went to bed, I’d grab my journal and retreat to my favorite chair – beside a big bay window where I caught a glimpse of the moon. It was the moon that taught me the meaning of transition. I’d watch this beautiful lunar goddess, night after night, move in and out of her various phases. And before long, I began to connect her phases with my own emotional tides.

I noticed that the moon always began in darkness and gradually, she’d move into full light – and cycle back around again. And I noticed the contrast between dark and light – the darkness of the night sky against the beautiful full moon light. I started connecting to this – as if I was being divinely guided through my own transitions of dark and light. I began to notice the ebbs and flows of my emotions. There were good days and bad days.

So when I came to the point of writing my book, I wanted mothers to realize that every human transition and every form of transformation begins in darkness and gradually moves into light, where we get a glimpse of what is possible. And then we retreat, to ponder the many ways we can manifest these possibilities into reality. This requires deep work, where we step into our own truth and into our own power – and where we can emerge in the most authentic way possible. This is what I call the Blue Moon phase – when we finally realize that we are here on this Earth to be WHO we are, to put our personal thumbprint on the world in the most truthful, most authentic, most unique way possible. Each one of us are individuals being divinely guided on our own purposeful path.

Jaki : When it comes to personal identity, true self and authenticity – what three tips could you share with us to help on the journey to finding them within ourselves?

Tina : First, I can’t stress enough how important it is to be honest with ourselves. Nothing can truly be discovered and/or resolved without truth. It’s okay to say what we’re thinking and to express what we’re feeling. It’s a form of cleansing – letting out what it is that’s been eating us up inside. This clears the space for receiving intuitive wisdom that will guide us forward.

Second, honor who you are at your core and live life through that perspective. Be who you are! Don’t pretend to be something you’re not just to please someone else. It doesn’t serve you – and it really doesn’t serve the other person either. And at some point, you’ll get tired of the charade. It’s much easier living life as YOU!

Third, living an authentic life really is at the heart of the “ripple effect.” It’s the best thing we could teach our children. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we were all following our hearts? If we could truly live life with passion and purpose, everything would have a richer and deeper meaning. It would create a ripple of positive and loving energy that could literally heal the world. Because moms are natural role models, our kids are observing all the time. There’s a lot of truth in the saying, “Monkey see, monkey do.” In other words, when a mom is modelling the value of following her heart, her kids “get it” – much more than they would if she was just saying it. Kids feel energy. They know when a person is happy and when they’re not. So why not be happy – and let the ripple flow?

Jaki : Tina – You say ‘The truth will set you free’ – can you tell us how the journey of journaling helped you to unveil your inner truth, the impact that it had on your life? And if you had one sentence to sum it up – what would it be?

Tina : Journal writing has always been a part of my life. It helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings, particularly during a time of confusion or deep questioning. It’s where I can be honest – without fear of being judged. It helped me make sense of my depression.

Journaling is an invitation to jump into the depth of our heart and soul. It’s a place where truth can be spoken without fear of judgment and without worry of being censored. It creates a very private, very sacred place where one can have an honest conversation with his or her subconscious (that deep inner knowing that we all have). It also provides the space where one can dialogue with his or her higher power, asking open-ended questions and waiting for thoughtful answers.

Neale Donald Walsch provides an excellent example of what can happen when one steps into the truth of their reality and opens up to their higher source, making a request for answers. In his book, Conversations with God, he engages in a dialogue with his divine power and asks, “Why is this happening to me?” And then he waits for the answers – and they eventually come. They pour through him and onto the pages of his journal. And it’s through his journal writing process that he becomes enlightened and finds a way to get his life back on track.

My book, Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery gently guides moms on a path of self-exploration through journal writing. I ask very deep questions that take mothers to a place of “Wow, I never knew this part of me existed.” And when we get to this place, we start “connecting the dots” of life experiences – and we start wondering, “Why did I travel a particular road just to get to this place of deep questioning?” It’s a beautiful process where we realize that one experience has led us to the next – and so on and so on.

But it all begins with truth. Before we begin our search for answers, we must first be willing to tell the truth. We must be willing to speak from a place of honesty, which many times come from a place of pain. And it’s often in the pain, that we find “our diamond in the rough” – that one big discovery that changes our life in a profound way.

And to summarize this all up in one sentence – “Self-discovery that leads to self-empowerment is a beautiful thing!”

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Tina M Games and that you’ll check out her book and card deck Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery this month at

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