Verbal Reiki

You may be asking ‘what is Verbal Reiki?’

Before I describe what it is, here are Wikipedia Definitions of both Coaching and Reiki ~

Coaching ~ The practice of facilitating an individual to deal with an issue or to achieve a goal. Where there is an issue, a coach will facilitate the individual to one or more sustainable goals.

Reiki ~ A therapy based on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique, developed in Japan in the late 19th or early 20th Century by Dr Mikao Usui, in which the therapist channels this energy from him or herself to the patient, activating the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Verbal Reiki is the synergistic merging of these two widely recognized and practiced therapies ~ Coaching and Reiki ~ and then integrated with NLP, Results Coaching and Neurological Re-patterning. It is a form of Verbal Healing, that aids the removal of life’s blockages, through guided conversation.

The majority of coaching sets out to fix what is wrong with people. Personal experience and social science research shows that people are the sum of their genes, their life experiences and their circumstances. Verbal Reiki Coaching is based on an understanding of these factors along with an intuitive flow ~ The Reiki. Conversation is utilised to create an awareness that releases the blocks that life experiences may have left behind.

Verbal Reiki takes the healing, self-growth and awareness process to a deeper level, helping individuals to stop ‘Existing’ and ‘Start Living’ their lives in an Uplifting, Personal, Powerful, and Fulfilling way.

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